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The Department of Accounting & Finance of DI.PA.E. is one of the first to be established in the former TEI. Initially, it was installed in the building complex of Agios Silas and in the early 90s it was moved to the Campus of DI.PA.E. in Saint Lucas.

It was the most populous Department of TEI as it already has around 3,500 registered students, while the number of students actively participating in the educational process amounts to around 2,100.

The course and the work implemented in the Department have highlighted it as one of the best in the Greek area. It is no coincidence that the Department is the first choice of a significant number of prospective students, nor is it the fact that, despite the rule of the "base 10" regarding the entry of freshmen to higher education, the Department of Accounting & Finance fills all the positions available to it from the Ministry of Education. Moreover, taken into account that the professional rights of our graduates are particularly attractive and have high standards, the Department of Accounting & Finance becomes an important and competitive educational site in the Greek area.


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