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Each student of the final semester is required to prepare a thesis on a topic that must be related to real chalenges of industrial production and services.

The Department secretariat announce the subjects of the undergraduate theses at the beginning of each semester.
Students undertake a thesis subject by making an application (based on a template provided by the secretariats). The thesis registration is valid for one semester. In case the thesis cannot be completed by the end of the semester (not delivered to the secretariat), then the student is obliged to ask for an extention for one more semester.
A thesis which has not been completed after a renewal will be considered not given (canceled).
A thesis topic can be jointly assigned to a group of up to two students of equal responsibility and workload.
After the completion of the thesis and its approval by the supervising professor, the thesis is submitted to the Secretariat (through the protocol office) and then a date is set for the evaluation of the thesis during which the thesis is presented by the student on a three-member committee of professors, in which teachers relevant to the subject under consideration participate. In any case, one of them is the supervising professor of the thesis.
The members of the committee decide by majority on the grade to be given to the examinee, and the relevant grade form is submitted to the Secretariat.
The thesis grade is taken into consideration during the calculation of the final degree and corresponds to 20 ECTS.
Especially for the Department of Accounting & Finance, diplomas are presented on the last ten days of the month following their submission. The thesis presentation process is open to all students who want to attend.


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